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Hottest Holiday Gifts by Fiorella Leiva 

As the spooky skeletons disappear from store fronts and candy brands go on sale, the holidays hit full force when the clock strikes midnight on November first. This time of year has become synonymous with family reunions, and though each individual family has personal and unique traditions, there is one thing that is most common within a holiday households -- gifts. Despite quantity or size, gifts have become one of the defining elements for the holidays. Accordingly, as the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers are devoured, a state of craze ensues to find the ideal present for loved ones that will signify one’s appreciation and adoration.

      Several well-known store brands have utilized the holidays to promote sales especially through their websites. Adidas, Macy, Target, and numerous more have provided consumers with the convenience of a specified “gifting” category for each of their websites. There, one is able to find products, or at the very least ideas, of what their respective recipient would like. These tools go as far as to divide into subcategories, for many variables have to go into consideration when buying gifts; the recipient’s interests, the relationship, and age to name a few.

       People take advantage of the holidays to indulge in their favorite brands no matter the exorbitant price. Brands like Nike has their Air VaporMax Plus is the brand’s top seller as of late. Adidas NMD_R1 shoes have risen to the top popularity. Champion, also,  has a fan-favorite clothing line of comfortable lounge t-shirts and hoodies that their consumers evidently enjoy. Store brands like Urban Outfitters are uploading “ top 50 holiday gift ideas” based on items of the store. These consist of original makeup, clothing, and vintage items such as polaroid cameras or record players. However, the nerve-wracking question of if the recipient will like the question remains standing , as well as, the expensive price that makes these well-desired brands difficult to buy, yet an alternative has presented itself as a solution.

       Gift cards for restaurants, clothing stores, or general Visa are one of the simplest forms of gifts, and therefore, one of the most popular. Frequently, they are exchanged between people with a less profound association, because the recipient then has the leeway to buy something that they are guaranteed to like. However, due to the straightforwardness of a gift card, it is not uncommon to give as a present to a person with a deeper relationship.

    The variety of toys for children is intimidating at first glance -- one is unsure  which Barbie doll is considered the best in the eyes of a five year-old. Fortunately, 2019 has had an abundance of successful children movies that have caused fan-favorite character toys to top several shops. These include toys from Frozen 2, Toy Story 4, Star Wars, and even Marvel super heroes being listed as highly trending on Amazon and Target, two of the most commonly-used markets. Another set of toys that have remained favored among children is the classic Legos. The abundance of topics that relate to their favorite movie or Legos’ original characters intrigues kids by being an outlet for imagination. Albeit, taking into account the generation of which these children have grown up in, they very much desire technology as well: nintendo switch, virtual reality consuls, or even a new phone. 

      Children are not the only ones wishing for some new gadgets this holiday. The latest technology of this year has been deemed the highest choice for a holiday gift. Taking note of this new development is Best Buy, and their ‘ 12 Days of Deals’ that began December 9th and ends the 20th, has deals on brands such as Apple and Samsung. How Best Buy’s version of this sale works is each day will follow a theme -- gifts for teens, under $100, or technology lovers to name a few -- and consumers are able to purchase the most sought-after products as gifts for others or even for themselves. Amazon is initiating something similar as well with regular sales of popular appliances and “ deals of the day.” Deemed the best seller of the website is the Apple Macbook Air when it had the limited deal of $700, but the sales do not end there, for there are several opportunities to grab the newest TV set or headphones for a significantly lower price.

       Gifts are exchanged as a symbol of respect and love, and therefore, are chosen with levels of consideration. This year has provided a multitude of ideas and opportunities for presents that will put a smile on the receiver. So when the holiday celebration ensues, in an office, house, or classroom, everyone obtains a little physical token of joy.