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Dave Aronberg by Lyndsey Roth 

   On December 2, Palm Beach County State Attorney, Dave Aronberg, visited Spanish River to educate students on everything they should know about the law, specific court case details, and his position's responsibilities.

“First, police file a warrant or charging request with the State's Attorney following an investigation,” said how stuff works. “Attorneys review the request and may decide to issue a warrant, which allows the police to arrest the suspect.”

     During his visit, many were able to ask extensive questions about his opinions on certain epidemics and ongoing cases. Specifically, he touched on a case presented in Texas, in which a young seventeen year old girl participated in an online challenge, where she was recorded licking a Blue Bells ice cream carton and put it back in the freezer at Walmart. Students were selected to role play different positions in a courtroom as if they were to solve the case as a lawyer, prosecutor, and jury. Instead of sitting in a tedious theatre room, Aronberg let students bring themselves into the situation and explain what would do and give possible solutions to attempt to solve the case. Students were able to observe what he does, and potentially attract people into his profession. 

     The American History and Law Academy is a four year program at Spanish River. Teens with an interest in this subject can practice and learn more about the law through in- depth lessons. If eligible, students of any grade level can apply and join as an elective in addition to their required yearly history class. 

     “The Dave Aronberg presentation really impacted me because it gave me a better understanding of what I want to be when I am older.” Freshman Ava Geller. “Because of the presentation, I am interested in the American History and Law Academy and hope to join next year.” 

     Following his presentation, students concluded their decision on the case and asked further questions regarding Aronberg’s life and job. He left River students with the impression that law enforcement, along with crimes committed can be very serious. Although, he taught students that there are people like him to help with those situations, furthering their knowledge about the law.